Go out in the sun without sunblock.

Hi. I just found out something cool for people who dont care about sunblocks or those of you who are lazy to use sunblock. Read on to find out.

Vitamin D is the new nutrient superstar, linked with lower risk of all sorts of disorders including heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and rheumatism. And now it looks as if it helps with weight loss, too.

    During the summer of 2008, in a small trial of 38, a researcher from the University of Minnesota, USA, reported that those with more vitamin D in their blood lost more weight. For every extra nanogram per millilitre (ng/ml) they lost an extra 225 grams.



Other trials, too, have linked higher vitamin D levels with less obesity. But why? All vitamin D experts agree that a lot more research is needed – but in the meantime, one interesting theory is emerging from Imperial College London. Because sunlight is the main source of vitamin D, a low level of vitamin D may make the body think that winter is on the way, and therefore that it has to store more food.

    There’s also much debate about how much you should be taking. The official recommended daily alowance is 200 IU (international units) but many experts are now suggesting 1000 or even 2000. A daily dose of 1000 over several months would raise your blood level by 10 ng/ml, meaning you could lose an extra 2.3 kilos on top of what you’d expect to on your diet.

But don’t worry too much about all those figures – talk to your doctor and see that you get enough not-too-harsh morning or evening sunlight.

If you like wearing sunblocks, you could get out in the morning and evening sunlight as written above, morning sunlight before 10 AM IST is best (you dont have to bother about UV rays). Or you could take vitamin D supplements.

For those of you who dont care or are too lazy to use sunblocks, you get it free everyday. So enjoy the sun – plus the skin burns.


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