Prevent lung cancer before 30.

Do you smoke? I do. And I smoke heavily. I am sure you have thought of lung cancer sometime in your life. Its a scary thing. But don’t worry. It has been found that cigaratte smokers can prevent lung cancer by 98% if he or she leaves smoking before reaching the age of 30. Now that’s 3 years left for me. I need to act fast. Your lungs will also start to improve and get back to normal in time. That is a double treat with chocolate flavour. Add in the benefits of reduced stress, prevention of early ageing, etc and it could be a triple, quadruple and whatever treat. Infinite treat?



It is also been found that women who smoke for their entire life die 10 years younger. Women who quit smoking before age 30 die one month younger and women who quit before 40 die 1 year younger.

This does not mean that you should smoke as much as you want before 30. Their are are disadvantages of smoking like blackened lips, bad breath, early aging of skin, yellowing of skin, reduced stamina, etc. As the old saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”.


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