Your breathe the most powerful anti-toxin system.

Ok. So you exercise everyday. You jog. You run. You lift weights. You do what not. But did you know that the thing that you ignore the most, the thing that you take for granted, the thing that is the most subtle – your

BREATHE is the most powerful anti-toxin mechanism in your body?

Yes. Your breathe is accounted for releasing and cleansing about 80% of the toxins you accumulate daily inside your body. Toxins if not cleaned from your body could be fatal. You could die in a very short time. But don’t worry. We have a powerful tool to take care of that. For free!!! We love freebies 🙂

So why not start exercising your breathe also. It deserves to be taken care of. There are plenty of breathing exercises like pranayama and russian breathing exercises ( I am not sure if it was russian. Sorry about that). There could be other breathing exercises too. You could try a google search.

I personally prefer pranayama. It is an Indian breathing exercise. It seems simple but is very powerful.

One thing I would suggest is:



Never underestimate your breathe!


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