Mobile phone set to detect cancer.



A new health service using mobile phones has been conceptualized in Bangalore. The Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre (MSCC) of Narayana Hrudayalaya in collaboration with SANA (a research group at Harvard/MIT), has launched the ‘mhealth’ to detect cancer.

The technology that SANA has developed includes certain automated questionnaires which are directed to patients onsite by a trained health worker. If most of the questionnaires are answered affirmative, the health worker will take high quality lesion pictures using the phone camera. ┬áThe condition will then be diagnosed by the software’s decision making algorithm or by uploading the entire data to the server for the cancer specialist to take a look and analyse the case.

According to a study, most cancer patients get themselves diagnosed late in the stage four tumours which is very expensive to treat. The new mobile technology will help in faster and earlier diagnose of cancer. If the patients are diagnosed at an early stage, they can be treated much better and the cost will be much more economical.